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I'm so glad Felicity won an award at the golden globe awards, she deserved it. :D I wish Marcia had won one too but I can't have everything my own way, unfortunately :p I can't wait until tomorrow, the new series of DH starts, and I'm sad so I'm getting really excited about it, even though I've already seen it.

Whenever my mum turns the news on it always seems to go on about perverts. Eww.

Anyways, I feel like making a desperate housewives music video. I'm sad like that.

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...even though I've already seen it huh? lol funny.
Yeah, I feel like making DH crap too :P can't do videos :(
Ditto; sooo glad Flicka won :D :D :D

I've seen it coz I Downloaded it :p lol

Yay! DH today! :D I'm glad Felcity won one too, I like all the Housewives apart from Susan (Teri), she seems a bit up her own bum LOL!

Perverts? Charming LOL

Oooh! That sounds cool B)

I like Susan, probs coz I'm too much like her though lol. But I don't really know anything about Teri really. :)

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