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SO Lizzie, Stacey and Kirstie came over earlier, to fill me in on all the gossip. lol. Kirstie has a fair few of the teachers after her to give her a detention or some other stupid 'punishment' because she told our supply teacher in food tech that she's fat...which is true, but not the sort of thing you should tell a teacher to their face's, just behind their back. Anyways she's a bitch as well as fat so I suppose she shouldn't be punished for pointing out obvious facts. haha. And apparently there's a new kid, and he has an afro, Stacey said she thinks he's quite cute, which means she fancied him.She fancies everyone!
And our headteacher has been chasing more people again, he's such a twat.

Desperate Housewives was soooooo good last night! <3

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our headteacher has been chasing more people again
LoL, sounds like the teacher's somewhat of a pervert :P JK
Saying that to a teacher's face? lmao! that was funny/brave of her ;D

Last night's episode? when do you get new eps of DH (lol)...
Anyways, later ;)

LOL! It wouldn't surprise me if he was, he is a creepy old man lmao.

Every wednesday, the first one was on yesterday :D

Ahhh, okay... so now I must cut when on the topic of DH, lmao. Ya'll are in a different episode anyways right; still, no cuts=not cool (lol) ;D

Creepy old men freak me out :P they smell bad too sometimes; it's like they need women just to tell them to take a shower every once in awhile (lmao) :D okay, later tish :)

Oooh yeah DH was brill! Even tho im up to episode 13 because i download;)

I download it too, but I watch it as well coz I'm sad ;D

OMG I can't believe they told someone they were fat lol!

Loadza teachers our our school are pervs lol

Well she is fat LOL and she's going bald :D

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